Rancang Bangun Sistem “Permadi” : Peringatan Dini Serangan Hama Tanaman Padi Berbasis Data Historis Klimatologi

Teguh Wahyono, Subanar Subanar


The dynamics of extreme climate change is happening lately it affects the intensity of pest attacks. Like other living creatures, live of pests affected by climatological factors such as temperature, humidity, rainfall and so forth. This study aims to develop an early warning model the emergence of the rice plant pests (PERMADI), especially rodents and WBC based on historical data of climatology. In this case, bayesian algorithm do statistical calculation depend on the input variables are temperature, humidity and rainfall. Output expected is early warnings the emergence of the rice plant pests using SMS Gateway. Case study of this research is taking the data from 6 (six) districts in Central Java (Sragen, Karanganyar, Wonogiri, Sukoharjo, Klaten and Boyolali).

Permalink: http://jsiskom.undip.ac.id/index.php/jsk/article/view/21


early warning systems; sms alerts; historical climatology; crop pests of rice

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