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Today, digital technology is entering people’s life in many of forms, including digital images.  As the increase of digital images quality, the size and dimension is bigger as well. Problem such as uploading time arises. Tools to make image file smaller in both size and dimension instantly is needed especially for instant purpose like sending via email or upload to social network sites. Developed in .Net Framework environment, Instant Image Resizer software will try to be one of tool that work instantly for resizing image. As resampling method, HighQualityBicubic will be used to achieve optimum quality. As user interface, this tool will use shortcut menu on Windows Operating System so user can access easily and instantly can give resize command to image file. Shortcut menu will be use context menu handler to handle verbs and file association that related to image in Windows Operating System. And as a software development approach, waterfall methodology will be used.



downsampling image; .Net framework; instant image resizer


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