Perancangan Sistem Informasi Rekam Medis Hasil Deteksi Kaki Datar Berbasis Web

Rosita Permata Dewi


Footprint analysis for foot type classification using FPA methods produces the output of footprint images and various calculated parameters that have been performed. These data need to be stored and processed in order to be reused when needed. Manual data storage is very slow and error-prone, also it makes storing and processing the data difficult. This study aims to design a medical record information system that can store and manage patient data and detection results of flat foot disease. System development methodology used is Extreme Programming method consisting of requirement analysis, design, implementation, and testing. From this research produced a medical record information system that can assist in storage and data processing of the result of flat foot detection. Based on the test results with black box method can be concluded that the produced information system has worked well and meet every function required.


Information Systems;Medical Records;Flat Foot;Extreme Programming


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